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26 June 2008

Top 12 Things Actually Overheard On the Yearbook Camp Trip to the Beach

Here's a fun game. See if you can guess which of these was said by students, by Wyfe, by the Boy, and by me. Fortunately, none of them were spoken by a policeman or a hotel authority.

(By the way, here's more can't miss reading on this epic foray to Atlantic Beach, NC from Wyfe herself ).

Anyway, on to the list:

12. She couldn't find her survey form because it was under her pile of dirty bras and t-shirts.

11. If you actually try to dine-and-dash, I'll hunt you down, kill you with a blunt instrument, and bury you in a shallow grave.

10. Look, this one's not my fault; the freakin' Google Map directions say "TURN RIGHT". See that - "TURN RIGHT!"

9. Really? You're from Korea? So do you speak, like, Korean?

8. Last I saw, she was sprawled out on the floor in the hallway talking on her iPhone.

7. Mr. P, will you figure out who's room you can move me into? I'm not comfortable being in there with those two girls; they're in that cheerleader clique.

6. Are you o.k., Mr. P.? I've never seen you look so tired.


4. NO! I don't want any teenagers to sit in the back seat with me! They might have on their bikinis and stuff! Yuck!

3. But they told me on the phone their average meal price was $12.00.

2. Well, I haven't actually asked my mom if that's o.k., but I know she would say "yes".

And... (drumroll, please)

1. Mr. P., why do you have such a scowl on your face?


Kalynne Pudner said...

Next year, can I send along my three teenage daughters? They will so, like, not TOLERATE any cheerleader cliques or self-marginalized Goth girls, and will DEFINITELY be MORE THAN OKAY with Pizza Inn.

(Yes, I am a regular over at the Wyfe's.)

Locomotive Breath said...

NO! I don't want any teenagers to sit in the back seat with me! They might have on their bikinis and stuff! Yuck!

Well, that'll change.

School Master P said...

Kalynne - Any opportunity to take sensible, grounded kids on the next trip is welcome. It would be even better if they have the ability to PUT THE SMACK DOWN on the stupid, and actually be listened to when they did. Only one of my girls really did that on this trip, and she's my editor, fortunately

LB - I know. How long until he's marking the trip down on his calendar months in advance?

Belle said...

I'm guessing that Big Arm Woman's comment involved the phrase, "shallow grave". Am I right?

School Master P said...

Yes! Gee, how did you guess? And the recepient of that comment was the rather unfortunate teenage boy in the group, who also had to ride in our uncool adult car on the trips there and back.