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18 August 2008

New School Year Preview (Part 2) - You Know You're Old When...

... you look out among the sea of faces at your first big faculty meeting of the year, and notice a young new teacher who... OH MY GOD! SHE WAS MY EDITOR FOR THE FIRST EVER YEARBOOK CLASS I TAUGHT IN '03/'04, AT MY FORMER SCHOOL! SHE WON MY OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD FOR THAT CLASS!

It's true - This morning I looked over at where the business/marketing teachers were sitting, and I saw Suzie (not her real name, obviously), and didn't trust my eyes, so flipped through the faculty list in my new handbook. Sure enough, that's her. So as soon as the principal was finished talking, I rushed over to her, hugged her, and spent the rest of the day basking in the glow of getting to work with a former student. She seemed tickled and pleased about it as well. Last I had seen of her, she had no inclination towards teaching, but changed her mind between her sophomore and junior years of college. This is her first year in teaching, and her first real job!


Can you tell I'm excited? It was a great day all around actually, and I can't say that about every "first day back" I've ever had. For one thing, miracle of miracles, we were given half of the day to work in our rooms - trust me, that's quite a bit for Day 1. More later in the week.


Locomotive Breath said...

I taught at NCSU from age 30 to age 44. Age 30 is not quite so old that you're really all that different from the undergrads.

I particularly remember this tall skinny senior with a big head of red curly hair (I won't put in his name) who was in one of my first classes. Ten years later he came back for a visit. He must have weighed 250 pounds and he was nearly bald.


School Master P said...

LB - If nothing else, I guess you could say you looked better than your much younger former pupil.

Unfortunately for me, I'm closer to your 44 than to your 30. Sigh.