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15 September 2008

Informal Poll For You

To attend a potential 20th year high school reunion, or not to attend a potential 20th year high school reunion? That is the question.

Pretty sure I already know my answer, but I would love some input and brief explanations for your answers.


Jimmy said...

I cannot speak on this, as my high school class has been, to date, too worthless to arrange a significant reunion.

We had a 5th and a 10th, but they were run by the folks who lives peaked at graduation, and were trying to recapture their high school greatness (which wasn't all that great).

Of course, with an attitude like that, they may have had a reunion and not invited me.

hollychism said...

I don't know if I'd go to my 20th or not. I do know that my reasons wouldn't be anything other than petty, mainly because I didn't have friends, and would love to see how miserable my classmates have turned out.

Beast said...

I didn't go to mine.

1. Senior trip?! They had a senior trip? When did this happen? Obviously, I wasn't that close.

2. Eighteen hours at a lake? On a holiday? You must be joking. I have to go inside now and then.

3. Having seen most people I want to see on visits to my hometown, I've caught up.

Any reasons sound familiar, skip it. I don't regret skipping mine.

Anonymous said...

My 20th is this weekend, many states from where I live now. If I were in driving distance, I might attend. As it is, I decided my memories of the fun I had (away from school) during those years are too precious to pollute with an evening of small talk, listening to people whose stories I didn't care much for in the 1980's. (Why do I think that would have changed?)

I keep in touch with a couple folks and I'm good with that. Cost/benefit analysis says effort/cost it would take to get there are not worth the potential pay off. It was fun while it lasted, but I've moved on.

Good luck with your decision. Sounds like it's pretty much made.