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05 January 2009

And The World Continues Apace...

After a very long, very relaxing break, you can imagine I had certain trepidations about jumping back into the classroom today, especially with this being the last week before semester exams, and my having to return to grumpy teens their research papers, replete with notations along the lines of, "Make the following 15 corrections, redo your entire works cited page, and then resubmit."

One girl, in fact, got EXTREMELY angry that I told her to better paraphrase certain passages or else be in danger of the accusation of plagiarism, which was a heavy hint that she was, in fact in danger of the accusation of plagiarism. Well, she whined and fumed about how this is really the way she writes, and maybe she hasn't shown it all year but she could write like a stupid 5th grader if that's what I wanted, etc. So, I took her over to my computer, looked up a website from her works cited, found a passage from said website, and pointed out to her how she used the exact same sentences without quotation marks in her paper and just slapped an endnote on them.

I'm still waiting for my apology...

Later in the day, I also intercepted the following note, which I reproduce exactly as written:

What happened with you and Shotgun?

nothin I was just askin if you saw him. do you think he misses me?

I don't know, why? didn't u see him over the break

I told you already that Im not allowed to see him he will get sent to jail duh!

What? Why?
(end of note, as Mr. P took it)

There is definitely a Jeff Foxworthy joke or two just waiting to happen there, I know. Let's just hope ole' Shotgun, whoever he is, stays out of the pokey.

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