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29 June 2009

Bathroom Humor, or Gotta Love the K&W Crowd

So yesterday we picked my son up from his grandparents at the usual hand-off spot, one of the ubiquitous K&W Cafeterias here in the Old North State, filled with the ubiquitous cafeteria demographic (uh, that would be old people for those of you not versed in the ways of K&W lore).

Since we had just driven in from out of town, I took the first opportunity I could to use the facilities. When walking down the little hallway to the restrooms, I had to make way for several women coming out of their adjacent restroom before I entered the men's room. Apparently an older fellow was right on my heels, because just as I'd settled in to my urinal stall, he sidled in to the one beside me and made a comment about not being sure at first that he was heading for the correct restroom, since so many women were exiting the same area.

Now, I have to say I'm not used to urinal conversations, and I'll confess it is particularly difficult to maintain respectful eye contact in such a situation. But my new-found friend carried on, and let me know about two times in his life when he accidentally found himself in the wrong powder room. It seems that the Cracker Barrell he frequents in Mechanicsville, Virginia has the men's room on the left, and the women's room on the right, but once at a Cracker Barrell in Kentucky he made the mistake of assuming the same configuration, with regrettable consequences. And then there was something about walking into the wrong dressing room at a hotel gala one time.

About all I could manage to get in as a response was, "Well, I think you've got two strikes against you already, huh?" But I'm not sure he heard me, as he had completed his stories and his main task, and had already shuffled off to the sink. Meanwhile I, who had gotten there first, had been to distracted and still hadn't completed my main task - hell, my only task - in there. Never was much good at paying attention to two things at once.

But I do love a good story...


Jimmy said...

When I was in college, the K&W in Winston Salem blew up. I have worked for the last 20 years to figure out the "stray blue hairs blocked out the sun" joke, and I have yet to figure it out. It's still not funny, but by golly, there's something there.

School Master P said...

I'm not familiar with that joke, believe it or not. You'll have to enlighten me.

I bet the first culprit that the investigators for that explosion ruled out was grease fire - there is never any excess grease at the K&W...

Jimmy said...

Maybe you can fix the joke for me.

In 1988, a gas explosion damaged the K&W beyond repair.

As you indicated, the target demographic for K&W is our greatest generation, and they have been referred to as "blue hairs" for the white, almost pale blue color of their hair.

Therefore, when the cafeteria exploded, the lingering blue hair, having accumulated over the years, was cast into the sky, darkening the sun.

WOW. A whole lot of time has been spent on something obscure, and ultimately, not funny. Sounds like my life.

Jimmy said...

Oh - rereading your comment - this was a joke that I worked on for my own amusement - tried to make it funny. Failed miserably.

School Master P said...

Quite funny, indeed, actually. I just misunderstood, and thought you were referring to a joke you heard (rather than invented) that had been making the rounds for a few years.

Maybe we need a "Cap and Tax" bill to deal with blue hair emissions?