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08 November 2009

Quick Update: She Hasn't Killed Us Yet!

After three weeks with a newborn in the house, we have been surviving quite nicely, thank you. Baby Daughter has consistently been gaining weight and consistently gets a little more aware of her surroundings, and family members. She's not overly fussy except for the usual reasons. There is really not much more to be asked for at this point (easier to speak for myself than the nurser-in-chief, of course).

The Girl has also figured out that night time is for sleeping longer hours, which in her terms means four in a row at the most, but she's ahead of where her brother was at this point. We'll chalk that up to a combination of her nature and having calmer, more experienced parents who are, frankly, too old to get as worked up about every little thing as we did eight years ago.

Another difference this time around - which makes things more difficult on a dying-to-get-out-of-the-house mom - is that our pediatrician basically doesn't want the baby going anywhere in public for as long as possible, due to our good friend the Swine. The doc is actually not freaked out about the Swine in the larger pandemic sense, but is when it comes to infants who can't take any vaccines. So, Wyfe is pretty much homebound until Thanksgiving, and yes, we're all paying the price for that (wink, wink).

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Belle said...

Eh, I'm sorry - I thought about that - how hard it must be to have a newborn in this era of Swine when I saw a mewling infant AT THE FAIR in the LIVESTOCK ARENA in his MOTHER"S ARMS being BRUSHED BY THE POPULACE. Ewww.

Thank goodness for the good sense of you two excellent parents.

She is absolutely beautiful (reminds me a lot of the Boy) and I am eager to get my hands on her...

...once I get rid of whatever virus/bacteria I currently have.

We have a dinner for you planned, as well.