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25 October 2006

Told You So

I hope, after Monday, you ran out and bought stock in my Told You Spirit Week Would Suck Corporation. If you did, you have already made a bundle - and don't sell yet. There is rain in the forecast for Friday's homecoming game.

Yes, as expected, the kids have not disappointed. Many of them stayed up until 3-4 a.m. Monday night/Tuesday morning, with the highlight being a girl fight at the famous "Dead End Road" across the street from school. The fight didn't quite go off as planned - a junior girl and a senior girl were supposed to tussle, but before the senior arrived the junior girl got into it with a former best friend, and apparently was pulled off of her after slamming her head into the pavement a few times. In the aftermath, she still managed to get in a few comments to the senior class about how they were all ----- who were sleeping with black guys and getting pregnant. Ohhhhhkaaaaaay. Let's just say I can make a fairly educated guess that this girl is probably doing the former as well, only with a white guy, and because of that ought not to discount the possibility of the latter. But I quibble.

Last night brought the ubiquitous Powder Puff football games, freshmen vs. juniors, and seniors vs. sophomores. I was there for a while, and things were pretty rough, even though it was only flag football. After I left, though, the seniors and sophomores almost came to blows - that is, in between the moments when they were cursing at each other. Our football coach, who donated his time as a referee, declared he would never get near the event again.

Tonight they are really supposed to strike, putting up all their homemade signs, and other junk, all over the school. Last year the School Resource Officer, and a few Sheriff's Dept. buddies, set up a sting and scared the crap out of most of the kids who dropped by. Good God in heaven, please let him be there again tonight.


Jimmy said...

The girl fight would have been much better entertainment than the powderpuff game. Girls fighting are crazy hot.

Sadly, the latest exploits from your blog (Spirit Week, Senior Song and poster) sadden me for the future. Please share something that will reassure me.

School Master P said...

O.k., so I won't mention the facts that someone left a broken toilet and a broken washing machine at the front of the school, with senior's initials spray-painted all over them, and that there is little chance anything will be done about it.

But you know, you're right. I've been quite negative recently, so in my blog later today I'll try to focus on some positives.

In the meantime, I will glory in grading 10th grade essays while my room is completely silent, teacher-workday style.