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26 November 2006

Game Time! (Thanksgiving Version)

You football fans might remember an old ad campaign titled "You Make the Call", which consisted of presenting an in-game situation that required a referee's ruling, and invited viewers to guess the correct rule interpretation. Well, in that spirit, I now offer up my own version, though I don't necessarily know the correct answer, so I will require a short explanation along with your choice:

You Make The Call! Which was the most irritating and icomprehensibly idiotic story from over the long holiday weekend?

a) All local and national media outlets apparently, and simultaneously, decide to "officially" confer the hideous moniker of "Black Friday" on the day after Thanksgiving.

b) Some dork actually coined the crass, and ominous, moniker of "Black Friday" in the first place.

c) Michael Richards won't shut up with his incessant mea culpae (is my Latin grammar correct?)

d) Jessie Jackson is handing down opinions about anybody else's misdeeds.

e) Just when it seemed that our long national Seinfeldian nightmare was over, we had to be reminded again of who the hell Michael Richards is in the first place.

f) Jessie Jackson is talking about, well, anything.

g) The media reports that Michael Richards is seeking therapy.

h) Some therapists, apparently, take money from Hollywood types who need to pretend they are extraordinarily sorry for bad behavior (that got noticed).

i) People seem surprised that they end up with bruises and bloody noses after standing in line all night at Best Buy.

O.k. - now, You Make The Call!


DMW said...

I'd have to go with Jesse Jackson saying anything....
Excellent choices, however!

middleagedhousewife said...

Our tv was OFF for the holidays, at least the news part of it. We watched old movies instead.
However, since Monday, I've seen Al Sharpton's doing his same ole dance routine, the only one he knows. I lump him in with Jesse and the rest of the rabble rousers who open their mouths and spread discontent everywhere they go.
Maybe we should have left the tv off a little longer...