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06 November 2006

Phrasing is Everything

So, prior to discussing the Netherfield Ball chapter from Pride and Prejudice, I wanted to give the kids a little background on the complex social etiquette involved in putting on such an event. By the end of the week, of course, I was not of sound mind, and so I actually said this:

"O.k. Before we get to the book, I want to talk a little bit about having balls."

No lie. Yes, in a class of 15 and 16 year-olds.

Only about half the class snickered, the rest apparently being as dim-witted as, say, Mr. Collins.


stina said...

The first time I taught a course on medieval European history, I was trying to give the students some idea of the labor & expense involved in making a book that was written on vellum or parchment (sheepskin).

Unfortunately the sentence that actually came out of my mouth was, "How many sheep does it take to make a book?"

It took a while to live that one down.

School Master P said...

And beyond that, I wonder how many sheep it takes to screw in a light bulb?