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07 February 2007

A-Barding We Go

Tomorrow afternoon we set sail (well, set bus engine) - my barbarous crew of middle-class white girls, a couple of geeky boys, two chaperones, and I - for Davidson College, where we will get to watch a full dress rehearsal of Pericles, performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. This is the next to last year of the RSC's residency at Davidson, so we are taking advantage while we can. Unlike last year, my kids will not get to act, since last year's trainers are now this year's performers. However, we do get to sit on stage, as the plays are being done in promenade style, meaning we will be like movie extras, with the action going on all around us - even in our faces from time to time (only we don't exactly know what is coming). The reviews have been tremendous, and I can't wait.

I will have much to report, I'm sure, upon our return over the weekend.

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