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26 February 2007

The Doldrums

That is precisely the term for the period on the educational calendar between mid-January (semester change for us) and Good Friday (start of spring break). The weeks stretch on endlessly, the weather vacillates between winter and proto-spring, and the kids and teachers feel under-energized. It is appropriate, I suppose, that the school doldrums fall during Lent.

Anyway, I have to attend a follow-up workshop one afternoon this week, and give my frickin' writing workshop again on Thursday. Want to guess how this week will go?

I do have one metaphysical question to ponder: why is it that the same kids (in this case, a little hispanic girl) who seem the most gung-ho to get in a fight end up looking the most confused, hurt, and miserable after the fight finally comes off? Didn't they get what they wanted all along?

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