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02 March 2007

Woe Is Me

I'm actually in a great mood now that the week is over, but consider that the following has taken place in the last three days, and you'll know why I haven't had much bloggage this week:

Wednesday: Started the day finding out that my presentation partner for Thursday was on a leave of absence due to back surgery, and that I would have to handle the entire presentation on my own; put presentation notes in my bag, and drove after school to an unrelated follow-up workshop that was an hour's drive away; spent two and a half hours there, then drove back home, ate a late dinner, helped put the kid to bed, and went out to the car to get my notes for review; the thing is, my bag isn't there, because (I then realized) I left it at the workshop; checked e-mail and see that the workshop hostess has my bag, and will try to get it to my wife the following day; wife less than sympathetic.

Thursday: Gave afternoon workshop, and all wentwell; called home to find out that wife is majorly sick, and come to think of it I'm coughing and don't feel too well myself; son wanted to play outside, and unfortunately next door neighbor little girl and Grandma were out in their yards too, so spent the next hour having to play with kids and pay attention to hovering, overprotective Grandma, while fighting off a cold.

Friday: Woke up early due to heavy wind and rain from that awful tornado-spawning storm system; phone rings at 5:55 to inform us that school will be delayed two-hours; had to write up three kids from abbreviated second period, and discovered that someone in the class was throwing wood screws across the room every time I turned my back or helped another student; played basketball after school with a couple of teachers and some hand-picked students, but had an accidental collision with one 250-lb. muscle dude (I'm 170), which sends my feet flying and has me landing fully on my elbow and hip; miraculously, I'm alive and well, and played for thirty more minutes; sat here typing this blog while applying ice pack to bruised elbow.

Oh, and I should throw in the dog vomit and dog pee discovered on consecutive mornings. And that the lady never showed with by bag.

There you have it. Now I'm going to bed.

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