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21 October 2007

Memo To Ms. O'Connor

Dear Ms. O'Connor,

Since I'm certain you are still writing perfect short stories at your home on the Big Farm (where I'm sure you are keeping a much less troublesome pea fowl coop), I thought I would pass this along for your use. I overheard it at the North Carolina State Fair today:

"Step up here and play, folks; there is a guaranteed winner every time. Hey, what would Jesus do? I'll tell you what He'd do - that Guy would step up here and turn one ticket into a thousand tickets. You know He would."


A lowly, not-humble-enough fan.


Jimmy said...

Two of my favorite things at the fair:

1. At the world's largest horse, the announcement says "It's alive... See the gigantic horseshoe... SMELL THE AROMA - You'll know this giant horse is alive."

2. I'm always disturbed that the prize winning livestock has the buyer listed on the sign. Harris Teeter is a big supporter, but I'm wondering what NC Farm Bureau Insurance is going to do with that cow. I'd love for Chick Fil A to come in and buy all of the cows one year.

School Master P said...

I agree. If you're prize-winning livestock, I think you get a free pass from the chopping block. Should be a bonus incentive in the contract.