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01 November 2007

Here We Go Again

Damn jury duty eligibility notices, again. You'll recall I was served with notice back in the spring, and after they told me to not come in the first two weeks, I received a dismissal for the third week of eligibility due to Easter and spring break. So, I'm off all summer with nary a thought about being summoned again. And then, just when it was good and out of my mind, I received a new notice of eligibility a couple of weeks ago. My new three weeks begins Monday, and I have to call tomorrow to find out if I really have to show up then.

And, guess when the third week of eligibility falls? Yep, Thanksgiving week - how is that going to work, if I was actually on a jury by that point?

I'm irritated. That's about it, but sometimes (especially by the end of the work week)that can be enough.


Jimmy said...

In my 25 years of having a drivers license, and 23 years of being registered to vote, I have never been called to serve jury duty. The bride has been called once, but didn't have to serve.

I've just cursed us, I'm sure.

School Master P said...

25 years?! Dude, you are, like, soooo old.