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20 November 2007

Please Explain to Me

...why, last week, as I was leaving the house in the morning, Wyfe's alarm clock came on playing "Feliz Navidad"? Or why, yesterday as I was putting gas in my truck on a balmy 68 degree afternoon, the gas station's ubiquitous outdoor speaker system was blaring "Let It Snow" and a folksy version of "O Come All Ye Faithful"?

Never before has "O Come All Ye Faithful", always one of my favorite Christmas hymns, inspired the wish that I had a Green Arrow-style bow and a quiver full of exploding arrows, which I could have used to take out the 31 speakers before tearing off my receipt and leaving the station in the usual hum-drum manner.

Granted, that is a bizarre wish, but justified, I believe.

Happy Thanksgiving, but not Merry Christmas. Yet.


Freder1ck said...

I've avoided it so far, but I did laugh several days ago. I walked past a house and heard Christmas music blaring from the rooftop where the roofers were working...

Phil said...

Christmas music played prior to Thanksgiving used to really get on my nerves, especially in my retailing days. However, given the unwillingness of the general culture to acknowledge things Christian (if not to actively undermine them), I look at the playing of the Christmas songs with an explicitly Christian message to be a victory for the good guys. Even if the songs are just background music, the messages in the songs may be doing their work on an unconscious level.