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02 February 2008

Gotta Hand It To Her

If you missed this shot across the humanities' bow on the Wyfe's blog the other day, you should check it out.


JP said...

So I hear your not a Bellichick fan (courtesy of your lovely Wyfe).

We are Hoosiers, and my husband has been a Colts fan since they stole away from Baltimore in the middle of the night.

Last night, at the end of the game, we're all 5 of us (Hub, Me, 9 yo, 6 yo and 2 yo) jumping and screaming and laughing like loonies. Just because the younger Manning beat "Bellicheat".

School Master P said...

It's especially strong that you even got the 2 yo in on that - start 'em young in their sports hatreds, I always say.

I'm sure other coaches have cheated, and we know Barry Bonds isn't the only steroid abuser. So why should Belichik and Bonds be especially singled out for ridicule? Well, for one reason, they are GARGANTUAN A-HOLES, that's why! There's absolutely nothing wrong with singling out a certified, A-1 jerk.

JP said...

Oh, the 2 year old is a huge football fan - he sees anything resembling football and he starts on the chant of "bu-ba, bu-ba!" , so it's quite easy to get him jumping up and down.

What annoys me most about Bellichick is that he's unrepentant. If he'd just own up and say, "sorry" it would go along way. He still a jerk, but, then, I also grew up in the Bobby Knight era as an IU fan.