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11 March 2008

Yearbook Blues

It is easy to look ahead at a challenge that lay far into the future and say, "Yeah, that will be tough, but we'll deal with it then." Then, then is suddenly here, and it turns out it is not just a challenge, but a giant, pulsating pain in the rear.

At my old school, we ran the yearbook on a rare fall schedule, so I had the summers to wrap up any yearbook issues (i.e., doing pages that certain kids let go by the wayside and quit caring about as summer break approached). Not so, now that I am in the big leagues. We have a spring book, and it is supposed to be finished by next Thursday, before our spring break. So, my staff and I are all running around with our hair on fire, while also in the midst of other classes we are taking/teaching. We'll get close to being finished, but I'm already preparing my plea for the mercy of my yearbook representative's court. Just a couple of late pages won't be a disaster, will it (will it)?

Speaking of yearbook, my editor was scheduled to go to Spain, France, and Germany on a Spanish Club trip for 10 days. For weeks she's been pinching herself over this, often saying (excitedly), "I can't believe I'm going to Europe!" So, the plane left last Tuesday. A couple of days before that, my editor started feeling bad, and by Monday (the day before the trip), she sounded awful and apparently felt awful. She went to the doctor that afternoon, sat in the waiting room for an hour, and was summarily told she had the flu and under no circumstances could go on the trip. So, she sat at home for a week, sick and devastatingly depressed.

Well, we did our best for her by throwing a little "We're Bringing Spain/France/Germany To You" party on Monday, when she returned to school. Of course, all the food the kids brought was Italian-like (not counting the thoroughly American Chips-A-Hoy), so they were a little off geographically. But hey, at least they got the right continent.


Freder1ck said...

when we feel the blueness of these days (and mine is intense right now), we need to remember that it is Christ whom we are missing, and if so, we need to beg Him to be with us.

School Master P said...

Thanks Fred - we must be on the same wavelength today. I was going to comment on your Carravagio post, but I couldn't find a comment link (something with my browser?).

You know, aside from my small griefs, the whole last week has been tinged with sadness. Like just about everyone (especially here close to the incident), I've been shocked and grieved over the Eve Carson murder at Chapel Hill. And, then my wife's uncle died Saturday (a years-long illness). I only met him once, but he was my father-in-law's favorite brother.

Anyway, you're not alone brother. But I guess that's the truth of your comment, huh?