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15 December 2006

Felix Natalis Dies to Me

It is my birthday, but it started off rocky: I woke up in the middle of the night, had a hard time getting back to sleep, and then just when I was nodding off my son climbed in the bed (nightmare, I assume?) to contort and jab his way back into his own slumber. Meaning, no more sleep for birthday boy. Then, this morning, no one (ahem - that would be the two people who live in my house other than me) got up in time to watch me open my gifts, so the gifts remain wrapped and sitting on the kitchen table, looking sad and unopened. Sniff.

Plus, I left my book bag at home with a couple of student papers in it. Oh well.

Things have looked up, though, since my awful, bratty little second perioders gave me a homemade birthday card, containing the following:

"From your fantastic, loving, charming, and EXTREMELY intelligent second period class."

Very sweet. But more importantly, they did not use the word "good", knowing I would have circled it and written "overused, lazy word" beside it. Yes, probably even on my own birthday card.

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Many Happy Returns