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20 December 2006

I'm Here and I'm Free!

For the next ten days at least (free being a relative term, of course).

Break began today, and I apologize for my absence on the blog. As previously noted, December is a tough period to slog through for a teacher up until that last day, which this year was helpfully an early release. In any case, I have a few tales to tell, and will now have a little more leisure for the purpose. Just give me 'til tomorrow evening, after I take care of some Christmas chores.

By the way, nothing says, "I teach in Central/Eastern North Carolina" quite like the traditional gift the faculty gets from some anonymous do-gooder each semester: A bag containing some sparkling cider, and freshly ground sausage from one of the local hog farms. The sausage tastes great in my wife's Christmas morning breakfast casserole.

Hope ya'll enjoy some good eatin', too, over the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

As a "Native New Yorker", I heard that North Carolina has the best barbecue out of all the Southern States.We still have great apples/cider and Maple Syrup from Vermont.