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10 December 2006

Weekend Diversions

Coolest thing this weekend - heck, one of the coolest things ever - was walking out into the road Saturday at 8:50 pm on a cold, clear eastern North Carolina night and seeing the space shuttle steadily making its way through the sky. I didn't even know there was a launch scheduled until earlier that evening, and had no expectation we would actually be able to spot it. Wow, wow, wow!! We could even see tiny flickers from the jet flames.

Not so cool from the weekend? Reading papers with clunkers like these:

"Cell phones today are a positive form of technology, towards the world today."

"Well during and emergency they are very safe, even though the teachers at school may think of it as a distraction, they can take away from the learning."

"This affects you education this would not be a problem if students would be more responsiable."

Yes, precisely.

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