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10 January 2007

Gotta Love it When...

... life imitates art. We've been finishing up "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in honors class this week. A couple of days ago I stopped in the middle of Act III to emphasize that we could read the confusions among the two couples (Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius) as Shakespeare's way of exploring the risks and dangers of love. "In order to have true love," I said, "don't you have to give up a little of yourself? When you decide to completely trust someone, aren't you running the huge risks of being betrayed and hurt?"

Well, little did I know (until I noticed something amiss a little later in class) that the latest "hot couple" in there was a hot couple no more. They started dating right before Christmas, and I must say they looked adorable, and happy, together. But, over the weekend, he got word that she was hanging out with another boy from another school, and... well, you know. Of course, her story is that she didn't even like this other guy at first, he was just bothering her, etc. But now, since she's conveniently free, well he's just peachy.

As for boy #1, (with apologies to Jesse Jackson), he's now quite dejected after being rejected and unelected. I mean, talk about your sad puppy dog. Perhaps it's unfair, and sexist, but I don't feel like I have to be as sensitive to boys in this situation as I do to girls. It's not like he's going to cry when I needle him, after all (which I haven't done openly, of course - though I did ask him if the sun came up this morning).

From what I hear, he's pushing hard behind the scenes to retrieve the iPod Nano he gave her for Christmas.

What was that, Lysander? "The course of true love never did run smooth."

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