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28 January 2007

I Would Fire My Secretary...

... if I had one. As it is, I have only myself to blame for bad scheduling. How could it be that I had to drive back to school for a 7:00 Parent Open House Night on Thursday, and then had to pull basketball gate duty from 4:30-9:30 on Friday night? In any case, I think I've finally recovered now as I write on Sunday evening.

Once I get my senses back, I'll be better able to report on school doings. For a slight diversion, though, I would like to turn to the topic of Sports Broadcasting and The English Language. We all know that cliches are, apparently, a vital part of any sports broadcast. But there are also certain irritating phrases or terms that get introduced into the sports patois and, like viruses, infect all involved.

The latest I've noticed from basketball broadcasts and sports radio conversations are: "We need to get our bigs more involved." [Bigs used to be called centers, and sometimes power forwards]; "Their guards are quick and long."[Long has become the new "tall"]; and my favorite, "One of the strengths he brings to the team is his ability to score the basketball."[Hmmm. Since the only way you can score in basketball is with the basketball, I guess that is a good strength to have. Just think how much someone would be worth if he could, say, score the sneaker, or score the jersey!]

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