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17 January 2007

Mr. P Tells Unwelcome Truths; Girls in Snit

Usually the end of the semester, for me at least, is a time for fond farewells and sentimental remembrances that often have nothing to do with reality. Oh sure, I've wanted to strangle the hemoglobin out of many of these kids for months, but hey, I can afford to only remember the good times when I know I'm getting rid of the little lovelies for good (or at least for a semester).

Yesterday, the last day before exams, ended on a slightly more bitter note however. Things kind of came to a boil between me and three of the "it" girls from my honors class (they are also in my yearbook class) when they started complaining bitterly about how mean another teacher was to them (frankly, they are 75% right). But these are among the same girls (from a group that refer to themselves as "the Eight") who in the last couple of weeks have completely blown off class due to social dramas, and have decided they don't need to be quiet when someone (like, oh, their teacher) is speaking. And though this is none of my business, I suppose, two of "the Eight" just totally toyed with and dumped on a couple of boys in successive weeks.

I ended up telling the girls, in the most constructively critical way that I could, that they were quickly cementing a reputation around the school for being bratty and whiny.


Hysterics ensued, voices reached that completely irritating tone that only the adolescent is capable of, and what I said was already being misrepresented before the bell rung. An unfortunate, ugly ending to the day (though they couldn't help smiling as I laughed at their outrage). Still, I felt a little guilty about it for a while.

"The Eight", huh? I think I will begin referring to them as The Directorate.


Dragon Management said...

Or how about the Gang of Four ^2?

School Master P said...

Dragon - considering the trouble they've been having in math this year, that might be more snarkily appropriate.

They wouldn't speak to me yesterday, btw. Passed me in the hall and purposely cut their eyes away and tilted their heads upward. So I'm being punished.