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15 May 2007

It's Official!

As of yesterday afternoon, in fact.

I have been offered the position that I interviewed for last month, and have accepted. This is very exciting for a variety of reasons, including the following: school with a great reputation, 1/3 the commute, working in my home school system and on the same calendar my son is on, a little bump in pay, and a signing bonus I wasn't even aware of.

While I am elated (perhaps mostly because the trauma of waiting to hear is behind me), I have a host of mixed thoughts and emotions about all of this. I've had kids cry about it already, or just look at me doe-eyed, like if they do that long enough I might change my mind. And you know, if anything could, it would be those kids - the ones I love beyond anyone outside of my family members. But, as I told them, they always end up leaving me in the end. In an occupation full of impermanence, I can't forever pass up opportunities to improve my lot - my family's lot.

In the coming days, I want to use the blog to reflect on all this - what I think is in store for me, and what my experience at my current school has meant. Please indulge me, gentle reader.


JP said...

Out of curiosity, because a local news station here in Indianapolis recently did a story on it, but does your new school system having a "bloggin" policy, or any sort of statement about what you are allowed to say in forums and the such? Did you have to disclose that you have a blog?

jp said...

Oh - and YEA!

School Master P said...

Thanks JP.

The blog question never came up, and I don't expect it will anytime soon. However, even at my current school we've been given soft warnings about what we might choose to put on blogs, like names, dates, or confidential information. I take it from these instructions that the county office knows teachers blog, and that they are not worried about it as long as people are ethical and remember to cover their rears.

Why the need for a policy in Indy, btw?

Jimmy Rogers said...

Congratulations! That's super news! What should be reassuring is that good kids are good kids everywhere - the relationships will come. Change can be scary, but you'll be fine. Signing bonus eh? Where are you taking me to lunch?

School Master P said...

Jimmy - play your cards right and there might be some Char-Grill in your future.

Brad K. said...

Congrats, P. You deserve all good things.

jp said...

Some of the schools are developing policies mostly because of student antics. The news story was focusing mostly on corporations, but mentioned schools as well.