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13 May 2007


One of my yearbook editors is a Preacher's Kid (PK), and she fits the stereotype quite well. She is spoiled, mostly unsoiled by the milk of human compassion, and though not a delinquent, certainly a bit on the wild side. In addition, she lacks a filter between her brain and her mouth. Yet, in some way she maintains a certain loveable quality - perhaps because she buys us off by saying outrageous, but amusing things. In any case, here is a snatch of conversation with her from Thursday:

Me: (entering room and seeing her on my computer) Oh, hey. What are you doing?

PK: I'm downloading my Beta Club field trip pictures from yesterday. But I've got to get back to class. So I'll clean off the other stuff that is downloading when I come back 4th period.

Me: (sporting worried brow) Other stuff?

PK: Just some videos on my camera.

Me: (sporting spiked worried brow) Videos?

PK: Don't worry - it's not like it's porn. Just some videos of us drinking.

Me: Oh, well thank God that's all.

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Anonymous said...

this is classic. i tried dating a pk in 4th grade to no avail. guess things work out for a reason.