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01 May 2007

Quick Update

I was prepared to write a bitch-and-moaner about how completely overburdened I am (we all are) at school right now, but when I got home today I received a phone call from a VIP telling me, in essence, that once I file the correct paperwork I will be recommended for that little job thingy I've been MINORLY stressing about.

Nothing is official yet, and I don't want to bite the hand of the Big Guy who giveth by complaining about anything right now.

Got my drift?

I do have many interesting goings-on to relate, but not today. Stay tuned.


Poppleton said...

A crossed-fingers congratulations to you.

School Master P said...

Thanks - the last hurdle is the central office, and as long as they don't uncover my lengthy but discreet mafia affiliation, I should be fine. But I swear this takes for freaking ever.