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19 June 2007

Digging Out, Digging In.

We have successfully returned from our mini-vacation to DC and surrounding parts, and it was a wonderful time. One day I will post about my love for all things George Washington and Mount Vernon (what an outstanding new museum they have just opened there, btw!). But now we are back to normalcy, which is not such a bad thing when my normalcy means back to summer vacation.

However, it is not going to be all play for a while. First, I have to dig out of the crap I've brought home from my school room; this will include sifting through a couple of boxes to determine what I will need for the future, what definitely needs to be thrown out, and what I might squirrel away even though Beloved Wyfe commands me to get rid of it in her all-out assault on house clutter. Plus, I have some unfinished yearbook business (because it is a Fall release book) that I obligated myself to finish, which includes helping the new advisor in the transition process.

I also learned, a couple of weeks ago, that I have other yearbook business to dig into at the same time. Yes, no doubt because of previous experience and being low man on the totem pole, I've been tapped to take over from the retiring yearbook advisor at my new school. In fact, I'm meeting with him for the first time this afternoon, and apparently attending a workshop with him next week.

Yikes. This yearbook is much bigger, and probably a much bigger deal. How intimidated should I be? We'll see. After the workshop next week, I'll further expound on the fascinating (wink, wink) topic of yearbooks, something I know I have heretofore ignored on the blog.

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