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28 June 2007

Travels with Non-Earthlings

Oh. My. God. I just, like, totally got back from Atlantic Beach, where, like, I was at a totally spankin' yearbook workshop with six of my new students that I, like, so just met the same day we drove down there. So, like, I drove three fifteen year olds in my car, and then one of the girl's, like, mom was another chaperone and she totally drove the other kids. Then we had to sit through these classes that lasted, like, FOREVER, for two half-days and one full day, and then we, like, went out to eat at a fish place that was totally the bomb because they sold these t-shirts that were, like, only ten dollars, so the girls, like, all bought shirts and totally couldn't wait to wear them the next day. And two of the girls apparently, like, were talking to these guys by the pool on Tuesday night, and this guy kept telling them his dad, like, was an NFL star who totally owned the hotel and then he texted them later, like, on our ride home, and they called him and said they decided that he, like, was totally lying, and he sooo admitted it. Oh. My. God. So, they're never talking to him again, and one girl had already asked her dad, like, who that football player was and it really was a player, but she said now her dad, like, completely won't believe it when she tells him the guy was lying (and I said, like, "Trust me, he'll believe it.").

So, we're, like, totally back now, and really I'm pretty impressed with, like, these kids even though they were a little whiny at moments about having to, like, do work at a workshop. But really, they were, like, totally respectful of their new teacher who they had, like, never met before, and never caused me, like, any concerns. The only thing is that I have this, like, vague sense that they have, like, rubbed off on me is some way that I totally can't put my finger on, you know? Kluvubye!

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Like, I can't imagine what the difference would be!