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06 August 2007

Looking Ahead

We just returned from an out of town family birthday celebration over the weekend, and as Wyfe has pointed out , August is probably our busiest month on the calendar. Next week we go to the beach (prices drop after this week!), but in some ways that will be inconvenient, since I could use that week to get some of my classroom ready, prior to my start date on the 20th. I'll be over there a couple of times this week for yearbook purposes, so I will do what I can.

In the meantime, this week I will get my act together and start giving my parting thoughts about the summer break that was (including the summer reading that was), and the most interesting fall that is to come.

By the way, my seasonal terminology is skewed by the school calendar. Try telling anyone here in the Old North State that summer is approaching its end, and you'll get some strange looks. Nothin' but hot, humidity-fueled air hanging around this place.


dhanson said...

May is normally the busiest month on our family calendar, with December a close second, but this August has totally overwhelmed me. School starts on the 20th here too (with tons of orientation and organization things starting even earlier) and that's just too early! We haven't done half the things we meant to do this summer and now--with daughter starting high school and wife teaching college-- the curtain of the school year is crashing down and we're desperately trying to grab whatever little bits of summer are left.

School Master P said...

Hey dhanson, just curious where you live? (I'm a bit of a geography geek). Good luck to your daughter, btw. She may be less nervous than I will be.

When I was a kid, school always started here the week before Labor Day weekend (same as it is now). For my parents, it was always after Labor Day, and in eastern NC sometimes later b/c of tobacco harvests. But when I started teaching, school began the first week of August(!), and that is still favored by many (not me). However, the legislature changed the calendar three years ago b/c of tourist industry considerations.