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24 August 2006

I could pretend...

...that I'm totally pumped about the first day of school tomorrow, but I'd be lying. I could also pretend I'm totally down in the dumps, but would be lying about that too. It always helps to hear teachers with 25-30 years of experience tell me they never fail to get nervous right before the first day. It also pisses me off, because I now know that (God willing), I'll be writing the same whiny posts about being nervous in 25-30 years.

We had our big, big faculty meeting today, as opposed to the little big meeting from last Friday. I'm liking the under-30 principal more and more, though again, there is reason for fear: he told us today he was addicted to weightlifting. I hope word gets around to the students quickly. This actually plays right in to an observation I made earlier in the week, because he is obviously stout, and he has an almost completely shaved head: he reminds me of no less a personage than this guy . So go ahead little Johnny Gangsta, make your move. I think just a piece of Principal Goldberg is all you'll want.

Speaking of faculty meetings, I can assure you that from this list of annoying people, numbers 10, 8, 3, and 2b were definitely present today. This includes the overwhelmingly irritating Ms. X (caution, creative blog aliases under construction here). Much more about Ms. X in future posts - I simply can't do her justice in the time I have available tonight. But, judging from Principal Goldberg's body language as she continued to ramble today, I'd say she better watch out. A spear may soon be in the offing.

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