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30 August 2006

Leaking Steam

Getting up and running the first couple of weeks of school is always such a special chore, especially when you didn't know over the summer what you would be teaching. So, I finished up Les Mis last week, and wrote up a 50 question study guide, and this week I've been spending evenings writing the actual 50 question (plus essay) test, to be given on Friday. Oh, and I double-dare someone to tell me they've read the entire unabridged version of Les Mis without skimming/skipping the interminable mini-history lesson chapters.

I haven't given a close look to any of my homeroom forms, and I have to pull folders and check "home language surveys" by tomorrow. I have to get a week's worth of lesson plans ready for perusal on Friday (fortunately, this will only happen every few weeks). I'm photocopying from a sample student edition until our grammar books arrive (textbook company blames the county, county office blames the departed department head, departed department head is in blissful ignorance at her new school in another system). I'm catching kids up who are still being added to my classes, or just now showing up for school, fashionably late. Plus, it was my son's b'day today, and I have a dreaded fantasy football draft tomorrow night to prep for. Oh, and I've actually had to prepare for and teach classes, since that is kind of in the job description.

I'm a little tired. Look for me back here on Friday evening/Saturday morning.


middleagedhousewife said...

You might want to go back and re-read some parts of Les Mis, depending upon which country printed your copy. Go here and skim down to the.. ah, let's see, 9th paragraph or so .. yeppers, there it is..

The changes aren't listed though so I'm pretty sure you'll have to read the book thoroughly to find them. I doubt they're subtle and they probably alter the story a bit.

Sorry that you did all the work on the wrong text but I figured you'd want to know that an 'update' was out there. I'm pretty sure you're going to have to write new test questions.

If you want, you can read my copy when I'm done with it. I'm using a $1 mil bill that I got from the lottery as a bookmark. It works real good, you can keep it if you like. (The bookmark, that is.)

If by chance it failed to come through, then skip over here

and read "Pinocchio and Friends Converted to Islam." Enjoy. I sure didn't.

sarc/ off

I'm enjoying the new blog. Have a great day!

School Master P said...


OMG (or should it be OMA?). You know, that would especially be a neat re-write for Les Mis. I guess Valjean would have had his hands cut off for stealing the mullah's silver set, and that would have been the end of the story.

I can now rewrite the test before Tuesday, however, b/c school was canceled today for students due to Tropical Storm Ernesto. I'll get right on it.