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11 August 2006

Trying to stay in denial.

Only one week until D-Day (D-Teacher's Workday, that is), and, if I so chose, I could be very apprehensive about:

1) Having a brand new principal for the second year in a row, plus having a new assistant principal after two years of my all-time favorite administrator being in that position.

2) The English department head, a really good teacher and the only person in my department who was in the same age-range, taking off for another job over the summer.

3) The apparent failure, so far, to hire anyone for her spot.

4) Our best English teacher, by far, planning on retiring in January, unless she changes her mind.

5) The mystery over who will be the next department chairman will be (they couldn't possibly do that to me, could they? Could they?).

6) A yearbook account constantly about $6,000 in debt (not my fault, I swear).

7) At least two full workdays being completely eaten up by county office meetings/workshops.

Fortunately, I've chosen to shove aside all apprehensions in favor of the natural feel-goodism that accompanies being buried in a 1500 page Victor Hugo novel, and with trying to win the championship on PS2 NCAA Basketball 2006 before school starts.

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