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17 August 2006

Summer Wrap-Up Part II

With apologies to Proust and all other effeminate Frenchmen sequestered in cork-lined rooms, here is my a la recherché du temps perdu for the summer of 06:

To start with, this summer has been mainly about my son, referred to as the Boy on certain other blogs. Well, the Boy finished daycare for good, and so we’ve had full-court press dad/son time since mid-June. And you know, it’s been a blast, with a minimum of raging Daddy moments or Whiny Boy moments. We’ve handled Kindercamp, scary swimming lessons, Kindergarten fears, a minimum of yardwork chores (I hate my yard), and eight million errands. We’ve worked on hitting wiffle balls (which are darned hard to pitch underhanded) and fielding ground balls, learned to throw an oversized Frisbee, and most importantly, worked on finding new creative ways to irritate Mommy.

It has been the summer of Cars: The Movie. We’ve seen the movie twice, listened to the CD about 33 times, and have played the PS2 video game far too often to admit to in polite company. Frank, the big combine tractor (I guess?) from the movie, now occupies a large space in the Boy’s subconscious, I think. We’ve also bonded quite a bit over Kim Possible, who I would be in love with if I were her classmate.

And of course, there have been the conversations. We’ve talked about the good (“Daddy, we want the Wolfpack to win, right?”), the bad (“Why do those bad men want to blow up the airplanes?”) and the truly, profoundly metaphysical (“What would pee-pee sound like if it had a radio show?”).

Somewhere in there we’ve packed in trips to the mountains for a train ride, and to a portion of the Redneck Riviera for a beach vacation.

I won’t mention the various projects I was supposed to finish, but didn’t, or the more extensive preparations I could have been making for the upcoming school year. In the end, I just feel deeply thankful for the last two months, and for my goofy little family. Thanks guys.

Report on Day 1 of ’06-’07 coming tomorrow evening. Dunt-Dunt-Dunt-Duuuuuuun!


middleagedhousewife said...

This morning, our youngest was in the backyard clay pile, wearing only his boxers and a smile, quite busy digging a hole - something boys do. The dog was sitting beside him, watching - something that dogs do. The boy looked up, grabbed the dog for a ferocious hug, much shagging of the head and immediately returned to the digging at hand.
Almost can't wait til I'm 90 so I can remember it and smile.

BAW said...

See? I KNEW you two were plotting new ways to irritate me, and now you've admitted it.

Couple of goofballs, that's what you are.

Eric said...

That brought a tear to my eye, but you're going to really change the tone in your next series of posts to justify the title of your blog. Thank goodness school is starting!

By the way, my own boy jumped in the bed with me this morning with a big smile and bright eyes. I asked him why so perky (at an unusually early hour) and he said, "because today is Thursday, and that means 'Dadurday' is just two days away and I can play with you all day." Then he gave me a kiss.

I'm glad you have cherished your extended Dadurday time.

School Master P said...

"It's Dadurday!" actually sounds like a good name for a potential blog site.

I promise more whining after Monday's county-wide school employee assembly. It's impossible not to whine after one of those goes down.