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18 September 2006

Parents vs. Immovable Bureaucratic Objects

It is Parent-Teacher Organization Meeting Night here at school, which makes for one long, but usually productive day. There is much less productivity once the meeting commences, however, since the teachers (who are required to come, after all) usually outnumber the parents. Sad, but true.

The opposite is usually the case in close-by Wake County, where an old fashioned Battle Royal continues over the issue of forcing year-round calendars on certain elementary and middle schools. I have a paper-thin grasp of this controversy, so perhaps Raleigh readers like Eric or Jimmy can fill us in on details. Forcing changes on the unwilling does seem plain wrong, especially when different kids in the same household might have differing school schedules. But hey, we all know they pay the bureaucrats the big bucks for this kind of thinking, so it must be right, right?


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Eric said...

It's hard for me to cast stones at the Wake County School Board, which doesn't really have a lot of happy options in a county that has more than 7,000 new students coming in each year, voters who are not thrilled about the prospect of a bond that would raise taxes to build enough schools to house all those students, and parents like me who do not particularly wish to see their children's successful schools and our own happy summers sacrificed so more children can be squeezed into our school on a year-round schedule.

I am trying to remember that this mess is all primarily a symptom of the fact that we have such a nice community that everybody and their mother (actually, everybody and their sons and daughters) wants to live here. Though Wake County has more than its share of annoyances regarding redistricting, mandatory schedule conversions and the like, I am grateful that our children have had a very good experience in their public school so far, since the public school system in the town where I grew up was not such great shakes.