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03 September 2006

Sad News

We received a voice mail from my school's call-out system this evening, from the principal. He was making sure we were aware that one of our students, a senior, was "tragically killed" over the weekend. I never taught this girl or knew her at all, but did know who she was. She just helped me out as an office assistant on Thursday, I believe.

I don't live in the community I teach in, so I was probably one of the last faculty members to hear. From the message, I assumed it was a car accident, but I could find nothing related to an accident on the internet. Then about an hour ago, as I watched the local 11:00 news, the hair raised on my spine when they gave a report about a 16-yr. old girl killed in a shooting altercation outside a gas station, in a town about ten minutes from my school's area. No name has been released, but I'm sure this must be the same girl. Unbelievable, and unbelievably pointless.

Please pray for her, her family, and all those affected. I'll update when I know more.

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