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20 September 2006

Sweat Shop

I had a scheduled observation with the assistant principal today, and it seemed to go well - she said she enjoyed it a lot, and it really was a good class today. In fact, I've never had an observation that didn't go well. But this doesn't seem to matter to my junky Neural Response System. Thus, I didn't sleep well last night. Thus, I was sweating the whole time she was in there observing today. Sweating like an A.C.C. football coach at a Monday morning press conference (only readers from Miami, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Charlottesville, and College Park may get that feeble attempt at humor).

I've actually told myself before, in the abstract, "Hey! The observation is for my benefit - to help me improve! I welcome such opportunities to show what I can do with a class, and to learn from constructive criticism! I spit in the face of danger!"

Hah! What a joke. Who in their right minds likes being observed by a superior while they are on the job? Fine, there are a few annoying super-achievers out there, but they're freaks. Real folks (as they say in these parts) don't like being watched, and don't like being evaluated in person. It's unnatural, and... well, dammit, it makes me sweat.

Nice of my kids to point out to me, with the Asst. Principal in the room, that I needed to wipe my brow. Who couldn't love such angels?

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