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16 April 2007

Awkward Moment #273

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I attended my home county's job fair, and spoke at length with representatives from a couple of schools about openings. One of these representatives, an assistant principal, used to teach at my school and administrate in my school system. We talked about several common acquaintances we had - sort of like catching up on old times, except with a complete stranger.

Well, turns out I have an interview with said school on Thursday. Today at about 2:55, the former baseball coach/gym teacher/current driving instructor/local legend (and father of our current basketball coach/gym teacher), ambles into my room and, in the presence of two students (luckily the rest were out on yearbook errands!), the following proceeds:

"Hey there young fella!"

"Oh, hey Coach! How are you, sir?"
"Good. Good. So I hear you spoke to someone about a position at _____________ High School. Don't you live near there."

(I'm turning red and trying to figure out how to send these two students out of the room-but-dammit-it's-too-late-and-now-the-whole-world-might-find-out!)

"Uh... uh... yeah I sure do."

"You spoke with my cousin up there - she's an assistant principal."

"Oh... yeah. You must mean Mrs. ________. I knew she was from down here. So she's your cousin, huh? I do remember her asking if I knew you."

"Yep. She was asking me about you, and I put the good word in for you. That's a good high school - a big high school - but a good one. You'd like it."

"Well thanks Coach. I certainly appreciate that."

He left, and I returned to the awkward position of waiting for the bell to ring and pretending, while the students were still there, that the past two minutes never happened.

The world, it be small.

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