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09 April 2007

Sad Day

This wasn't the way I wanted to begin my week of blogging, but I have to report the sad news that we put our dog to sleep this afternoon. If you have been following my wife's blog for the last couple of weeks, you are aware that the dog has been doing poorly. Over the last week she just simply wouldn't eat, and unfortunately she never got the chance to return home after going to the vet's hospital last Tuesday. This morning she had a bad seizure and spit up blood, and so we knew this had to be it.

The experience was difficult, as anyone knows who has had to do the same. There are conflicting emotions, and the irrepressible thought that our lives will now be easier in many ways. Gertie was not an easy pet to deal with, or have patience with, but after seeing her for the last time today and saying goodbye, it strikes me how all the things that were so irritating about her were really just trifles - at least compared to the simple, humbling fact that she shared 13 1/2 years of our lives with us. (Ever thought about what a miracle it is that certain animals can live with you, in your house? Or how odd that is?)

My wife is much more qualified to write a post adequately paying tribute to Gertie, taking into account the dog's virtues and foibles. I'm sure she will write such a post in the next day or two. In the meantime, I will only offer up thanks to God for Gertie's life. Rest in peace, little dog.


DMW said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Very recently, my husband and I had to put my cat to sleep and it was very difficult for us. I hope that your son is able to understand what happened, and that you and your wife can remember all the funny things about Gertie.

School Master P said...

Thank you, dmw.

Eric said...

My condolences. Gertie was definitely one of a kind.