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11 April 2007

Food for Thought

I would just like to point out that there are only five - count 'em, five! - more days until the first annual Food Network Awards show airs. Alas, it has already been filmed, so my idea of taking a road trip to Miami to crash the party (a proposal that landed D.O.A. on the wyfe's ears, btw) won't work this year. But a guy can dream.

And yes, I refuse to hand over my mantle of manliness just because the Food Network has become my "go to channel" when an important football/basketball/baseball game isn't on. This is a recent discovery, brought on by the evolution of our household responsibilities list that has led to my doing about 90% of the evening cooking. For about five months now, I've been taking my cue from the likes of Emeril, Paula Dean, and that freaky spaz Tyler Florence. Of course, my wyfe chalks up the change in viewing habits to the fact that the network features a few babe chefs - particularly a certain chef of Italian heritage. I resent that accusation, of course.

One show I will draw the line at is Iron Chef America, which is way over the top. But it is still better than anything dear wyfe likes to watch on her new preferred channel, the Chiller Network.

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