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08 April 2007

Happy Easter!

In terms of day-to-day operations, my Easter hain't been so hot. It appears that I lost my cell phone somewhere in Winston-Salem over the weekend, and a little while ago I had one of those conversations with my parents that was destined from the start to hit guilt buttons and piss me off. Nice.

Now I find myself pissed that on the most important day of my religion's calendar, a day intended for the highest level of celebration, I've let myself get down in the dumps over such petty matters. But perhaps, in a metaphysically twisted way, this is most appropriate for Easter Day.

I am also, thank God, on spring break, and hopefully my blogging mojo will return this coming week as a result. I've been tired, I've been unmotivated, I've been busy. But this week, dear reader, I intend to bring something to the table daily, whether it be well-executed or not. Please do tune in.

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