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09 January 2008

Best Whine of the Day

(During 1st Period's exam this morning, from a girl whose grade hovers between the dimensions of perdition and "passing by the skin of my teeth only by God's grace"):

"This exam isn't fair. It's on all the stuff we read this year."

You got it sweetie. Funny concept, that.


JP said...

my knee jerk response is along the lines of, "gosh, I thought about testing you on the books we hadn't read, but that REALLY didn't seem fair."

That may be why I'm not a teacher. I don't know that my mouth would have stayed shut.

School Master P said...

Well, trust me, a smart mouth can come in handy for a teacher - in fact, I find it a nice weapon to have in the arsenal as long as it isn't overused. But the problem with this girl is she's such a ditz (aided, I'm afraid, by certain substances), that my smartie comebacks go over her head.

On this occasion, however, I didn't have to say anything, because the rest of the class cruelly mocked her. Sweet.