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23 January 2008

Second Verse, Close to the First

Tomorrow marks the beginning of second semester, which probably also means a restless night for me. Second semesters don't usually bring out the nerves quite as severely as in August, but it is still tough to anticipate (or to be more precise, worry about) the unknown with complete calmness.

From what others can tell me, it seems my classes have a minimum of "nightmare" kids on the roster, which will be excellent in the wake of last semester's fourth period. But, one shouldn't count one's chickens before they hatch (have you heard that before?). Again, I have two sections of English II, and then Yearbook, which will be tough as heck through March, what with deadlines and all, and then should be a glorified study hall after that until the books come in.

We have new faculty on board in the department, and in one case, a faculty member new to me because she's been on maternity leave. She seems nice, but a little cranky so far, though I guess we all would be in the same situation. Returning to work is one thing, but returning (after only two workdays) and adjusting in the midst of 90 teenagers is a real stress provider.

As always, I'm promising myself to be a real hard-ass this semester, and as always I'm bound to fail in that department. Maybe I can at least be a hard half-ass?

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