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06 January 2008

The Weekend That Was, The Week That Will Be

As an introvert, I'm bound by law to dread parties, and so I did all last week before the pending 40th birthday surprise party a friend's wife was throwing him on Saturday night. I've known many of the people who would be there for over 15 years, but have not seen many of them in many a moon. This was further reason, in my twisted reckoning, for dreading the party (although, which is worse - a party where you will not know anyone, or one with people you know, but haven't seen in forever?)

Anyone, much to my chagrin, it turned out to be a delightful affair, and everyone was so warm and friendly and geniunely happy to see each other, including me. Too bad: Wyfe gets to add an "I told you so" to her tally book. Oh, well - I guess she can have her requisite one per quarter.


Now, this coming week exams start, and after the non-state mandated exams are given, we will spend seemingly endless days giving the state tests, then re-giving them to those who fail them the first time around. Thankfully, I don't teach any state test courses this year, so I am only giving my own painful exam, and then will be twiddling my thumbs as a test proctor during the morning most of the other days.

Because there are so many kids, and so many of them have test modifications that require separate room settings, our exam period will last a whopping NINE days, to be followed by MLK Jr. Holiday, and two teacher workdays. Then the new semester will start on a Thursday, by which point the kiddos will have largely been away from school for about a week and a half, or more. Can you say Christmas break Part II? Can you say minds full of mush on January 24th?

But I'll not complain, no, no, no! I'll take two weeks where I will be paid only to get grades in, handle some yearbook matters, and plan for the next semester, all without having to deal with the little demons, er, darlings. We should do this more often.

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